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The Fund provides much needed support for research projects, patient and family assistance, advocacy and education to benefit children with chronic diseases, especially but not limited to sickle cell disease, HIV and asthma.


​Latest projects

LIFE Project and BOOK DRIVE!

The Walter Brownley Trust, Bank of America, N.A., Trustee, has awarded the Howard University Rana Pediatric Fund a new grant entitled, "LIFE (Learning Is Fundamental for Everyone) for Sickle Cell Disease." This grant will focus on educational needs of school age children with sickle cell disease. Look out for more information about this project coming soon!

Roland B Scott Symposium "Preparing the Next Generation of Advocates for Sickle Cell Disease Care"

Porscha's Story


As a new mom, I knew the importance of having a vehicle and having the appropriate credentials, but money wasn't in my favor. My license got suspended many years back for some issues that weren't my fault. I set a court date to fight them, but had a sickle cell crisis on the assigned court date. With DC's strict laws, I wasn't able to schedule another date, so my grandmother started a payment plan for me in my name. Before she could complete it she unexpectedly had a brain aneurysm and died a month later. Paying


off a huge amount of debt just wasn't in my budget.Thanks to my doctor, former boss and father figure, Sohail Rana for for paying off my  challenging debt through his Rana Pediatric Fund! I am legal, I have re-passed my learner's and my road test and I finally have my license! (May 2018) Update- I now have a new job and car to match the license (Dec 2018). It feels amazing! I'm beyond thankful and now that I am able, I have made a donation back to the fund myself! 

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