Roland B Scott Symposium "Glimmers of Hope"

May 19, 2021, Virtual Event 10-4


What we do


The Fund provides much needed support for research projects, patient and family assistance, advocacy and education to benefit children with chronic diseases, especially but not limited to sickle cell disease, HIV and asthma.


​Latest projects

LIFE Project and BOOK DRIVE!

The Walter Brownley Trust, Bank of America, N.A., Trustee, has awarded the Howard University Rana Pediatric Fund a new grant entitled, "LIFE (Learning Is Fundamental for Everyone) for Sickle Cell Disease." This grant will focus on educational needs of school age children with sickle cell disease. Look out for more information about this project coming soon!

Tiara's Story


My name is Tiara Hooper. I am a patient of Dr. Rana and I have sickle cell disease, hemoglobin SS. I was very stressed when I didn't have money to pay for my rent (eviction notice), electric and cable bill. I completed an application for the Rana Pediatric Fund and attached a copy of my eviction notice to the application. I received some money toward my eviction. It was greatly appreciated. I was thankful to be able to get help without being judged.

I was able to pay it forward by volunteering at the 2019 International Conference on


Stigma. I was happy to volunteer because I didn't have any money to pay back what I was given toward the eviction. I was blessed to be at the conference and happy to help someone else.