LIFE with Sickle Cell Disease

(Learning Is Fundamental for Everyone)

The Walter Brownley Trust, Bank of America, N.A., Trustee, has awarded the Howard University Rana Pediatric Fund a new grant entitled, "LIFE (Learning Is Fundamental for Everyone) for Sickle Cell Disease." This grant will focus on educational needs of school age children with sickle cell disease. Look out for more information about this project coming soon!

Chenoa Cameryn Jones, beloved patient of Dr. Rana, passed away from complications of sickle cell disease in the summer of 2018. Her school, John Hanson Middle held a dessert reception and celebration of life on April 26, 2019. Click HERE for more information. They also held a fundraiser an donated almost $1000 to Rana Pediatric Fund!

The John W. Downing Jr. Lectureship honors the retired Howard University pediatric cardiologist. Due to Dr. Downing’s long-standing advocacy for the disadvantaged and underserved, this lectureship will highlight poverty and its effects on health outcomes. Click HERE for more information.

Dr. Scott established the Howard University Center for Sickle Cell Disease and he was the Center Director until his retirement in 1990. Due in part to his efforts, the 1971 Sickle Cell Disease Control Act was passed and eventually led to the establishment of the Sickle Cell Disease Program at the NIH that funded 10 comprehensive sickle cell centers. Dr. Scott's legacy continues through lectures such as those presented in this symposium. Click HERE for more information.

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