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Cheryl and Jamoni Spriggs 

My granddaughter Jamoni Spriggs age 11 was diagnosed with sickle cell anemia as a toddler. She has faced and overcame many challenges in her 11 years of living. Frequent stays in the hospital this isn't one of her favorite things to do; she would rather be at home with her family doing the things she loves, like dancing, polishing her nails or just acting silly with her sisters. At times it's not only emotionally stressful, but also financially stressful especially in 2021.


On behalf of my granddaughter Jamoni Spriggs, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the Rana Pediatric Fund for the financial donation made.  It's a blessing to know you all not only give her the best medical care, but also care enough to support us financially as we continue to stay strong and press forward in challenging times. Thank you.


T. Brown and Family

The support program has helped my family get through some tough times at the right time. I admire the effort of the team as they make efforts to change lives. We are the Brown Family and Dr. Rana is making things happen. The gift card changes lives, a lot of support from all.

Tiara Hooper  daughter Faith.jpeg

Tiara's Story

My name is Tiara Hooper. I am a patient of Dr. Rana and I have sickle cell disease, hemoglobin SS. I was very stressed when I didn't have money to pay for my rent (eviction notice), electric and cable bill. I completed an application for the Rana Pediatric Fund and attached a copy of my eviction notice to the application. I received some money toward my eviction. It was greatly appreciated. I was thankful to be able to get help without being judged.

I was able to pay it forward by volunteering at the 2019 International Conference on Stigma. I was happy to volunteer because I didn't have any money to pay back what I was given toward the eviction. I was blessed to be at the conference and happy to help someone else.

Porscha's Story

As a new mom, I knew the importance of having a vehicle and having the appropriate credentials, but money wasn't in my favor. My license got suspended many years back for some issues that weren't my fault. I set a court date to fight them, but had a sickle cell crisis on the assigned court date. With DC's strict laws, I wasn't able to schedule another date, so my grandmother started a payment plan for me in my name. Before she could complete it she unexpectedly had a brain aneurysm and died a month later. Paying off a huge amount of debt just wasn't in my budget.Thanks to my doctor, former boss and father figure, Sohail Rana for paying off my  challenging debt through his Rana Pediatric Fund! I am legal, I have re-passed my learner's and my road test and I finally have my license! (May 2018) Update- I now have a new job and car to match the license (Dec 2018). It feels amazing! I'm beyond thankful and now that I am able, I have made a donation back to the fund myself! 

P and P.jpg

Kim's Story

I would like to take this time out and say how much I thank and appreciate what the rana pediatric fund organization did for me. I was in desperate need of financial help with rent so I wouldn’t get evicted. With their help I was able to keep a roof over my head. I thank you guys so much truly a life saver!!!!!

Rana Pediatric Fund

2041 Georgia Ave, NW

Washington, DC 20060

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