Porscha's Story

As a new mom, I knew the importance of having a vehicle and having the appropriate credentials, but money wasn't in my favor. My license got suspended many years back for some issues that weren't my fault. I set a court date to fight them, but had a sickle cell crisis on the assigned court date. With DC's strict laws, I wasn't able to schedule another date, so my grandmother started a payment plan for me in my name. Before she could complete it she unexpectedly had a brain aneurysm and died a month later. Paying off a huge amount of debt just wasn't in my budget.Thanks to my doctor, former boss and father figure, Sohail Rana for paying off my  challenging debt through his Rana Pediatric Fund! I am legal, I have re-passed my learner's and my road test and I finally have my license! (May 2018) Update- I now have a new job and car to match the license (Dec 2018). It feels amazing! I'm beyond thankful and now that I am able, I have made a donation back to the fund myself! 

"Due to my husband's disability and me only being able to find part-time work, we were unable to pay the fees needed for my oldest son to fully participate in his middle school graduation events. I am so thankful the Rana Pediatric Fund was able to assist so he could be a part of everything!"

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"I like to make sure my daughter makes it to all her appointments so she doesn't get sick. Sometimes money is a little tight at the end of the month though. Assistance we receive with transportation and a lunch ticket when we come to Howard really makes it possible to keep my daughter healthy"

Rana Pediatric Fund

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