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Community Resources for Sickle Cell Disease

Information for Sickle Cell Disease patients can be found through the button above from the Sickle Cell Disease Association of America.

Want to connect with others in the Sickle Cell community? Please visit our interactive partner site and consider joining. It's FREE!
2022 Sickle Cell Awareness Annapolis Education FINAL v21024_1.jpg
Join the Sickle Cell community in educating our lawmakers about sickle cell disease. In person day for 2024 is March 22.

Shout Global Health Sickle Cell Disease event

Shout Global Health is a non profit organization with a mission to improve health nationally and internationally through education, awareness and advocacy. 

Click to watch Symposium replay

Presidential Proclamation on Sickle Cell Month

 Read President Biden's 2021 proclamation.

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